Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Window Broken in Hurricane

Often times storms come in waves. A lot of damage can be done by natural disaster, and often time there is not a big enough break in the storm to make repairs to what has been damaged. The last thing we want is for a home or business owner to pay for repairs and then turn around and have to fix what was just repaired. SERVPRO does provide services to prevent even further damage when a natural disaster has caused damage. We specialize in window boarding and roof tarp in case by case situations.

Roof Damage in Storm

This roof lost some tiles from bad winds. The missing tiles exposed the roof and was allowing water to penetrate and leak through to the attic. Our team of SERVPRO Franchise Professionals were able to patch the area until a roofing company was able to come out and make proper repairs. Remember that it is important to move quickly when you find damage to your home or business from a storm.

Wood Floors and Water Do Not Mix

It doesn't matter if you have real wood floors or laminate floors. You do not want water on your floors. Call SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio for a thorough drying and cleaning post water emergency or storm.

Flooded Home From Tropical Storm

This home was flooded by rising waters. Tropical storms really took their toll on homes and businesses in 2017. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio was there to help dry this home out and get it back to normal.

Leaking Roof San Antonio, Texas

When the rains just won't stop! Sometimes your roof just has had enough of the rain and it starts to leak through to the inside of your home. This can cause discoloration, bad smells, and a damaged interior. Call SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio to get to the problem!

Rising Water

This garage began to flood with a very powerful rainstorm that came through San Antonio, Texas. With water damage from storms you can't ever tell how much damage will be done because there is no way to contain a storm. Sometimes you just have to hope for the best, and know that there are people to help afterwards like SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio.