Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold in New Home

The wall of this home has mold growth from environmental factors such as rain and humidity over the years. Mold is everywhere and sometimes unavoidable. Did you know that there are actually thousands of mold spores in the outside air right now? Mold is part of nature, but we do our best to keep mold out of the house.

Mold Found in Business

Mold should always be something to keep an eye out for, especially if you own a business. You do not want to put your tenants or customers at risk. If you think you have a mold problem pleas call SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio at (210) 521-3313. We are able to come out and inspect the area. We are able to suggest licensed and trained mold professionals to test your area to help us treat the area appropriately.

Kitchen Struck With Mold

This pantry in a kitchen had been flooded. The water got up under the baseboards, and did not fully dry resulting in mold. The baseboards have to be pulled and the area scrubbed and sprayed down with Antimicrobial spray. It is important to have a trained professional treat your mold. You can count on SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio to handle your mold needs.

Mold Affected Wall

This home is experiencing mold damage. The Mold lies under the baseboards. Mold is often hiding and not revealed until the surface levels are pulled off. Mold can start to form in places where moisture is trapped. If you have a water damage be sure to get the area dry as soon as possible to avoid chances of mold and further damage to your place of business or home. 

Mold Problem in San Antonio, Texas

This roof had a draining system malfunction. The rain after a major storm that went through San Antonio, Texas stayed collected on the roof with no where to go resulting in mold. If not treated by trained professionals mold can cause major problems and will continue to spread. Call SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio for any mold situations you run into.

Water Damage Roof Turned Mold

This roof is the result of a water damage that turned to mold. The drainage system was not properly working and after some major storms hit the San Antonio, Texas area this roof retained all of the rain. With no where for the rain to go the water just sat and produced mold, resulting in a need for SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio.