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Flooded Business Bathroom

This office in San Antonio, Texas had a toilet overflow over a weekend when nobody was there to turn the water off. The toilet eventually stopped leaking water, but the water soaked into the baseboards and floor. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio was called to dry and pull swollen baseboards.

Office Floor Damaged

This office had a flooded community/kitchen area. The laminate that was laid down was rising up ad peeling. SERVPRO pulled up damaged flooring and thoroughly dried the whole area out. In some cases flooring can be saved, but typically laminate has to be thrown away. The padding if any also needs to be pulled. Anything that has retained moisture will need to be pulled in order  to fully dry out the entire area.

Business Bathroom Leak

Where is all the water coming from? Be sure to check under sinks. This business had a slow leak under their bathroom sink. The area was completely saturated. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio dried the area, and removed all damaged materials.

Water Does More Than Flood

Water damage can cause all sorts of problems. This business had a small flood from a sink. The water got underneath the tile and cracked the tile and ruined the grout. Be sure to have all areas of your business inspected after a flood.

Flooded Office

This office had a pipe that busted over a weekend while nobody was there. When the tenants returned to work on Monday they walked in to wet floors and moist walls. The water rose with no where to go and damaged the trim and walls. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio was called to dry the area and make proper extractions.

Growth in Hallway of Business

Homes are not the only thing that mold attacks. Mold is everywhere. Be sure to keep an eye on your business and check any areas that may have experienced moisture, there could be mold growing.