Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Home being restored after fire

Home Fire Restoration

Reconstruction Services

After this home experienced a fire, our team at SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio removed the damaged debris and material from the property. This included damaged drywall and insulation. 

We cleaned up the affected area before replacing and reconstructing the areas that needed it. We worked quickly to make the home look like it never even had any fire damage

Ceiling with fire damage

After the Fire

Fire Restoration Services

Our team at SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio was called to this residence after they experienced fire damage. The ceiling had soot and smoke damage, and there was debris within the affected area. 

We worked quickly to remove the damaged materials, cleanup the soot and begin the fire damage restoration process. 

Kitchen Caught on Fire

This home in San Antonio, Texas had a fire in the kitchen ceiling. The fire was actually caused by electrical wiring from lighting that was installed in the kitchen. Because the fire was inside the ceiling it ended up falling through into the kitchen causing a lot of damage to the home. The home owner called SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio after having the home thoroughly inspected by the San Antonio Fire Department and an electrician.

Water and Fire Damage

This home owner had a fire in their home in San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately often times with fire damage comes water damage. The fire department douses the fire area with water to ensure the fire is completely put out and does not spread. With the are being sprayed with water it can cause damage through out large portions of the home.

Melted Roof From Fire Damage

This roof was melted when there was a fire. The fire caused this major deformity. The whole roof will need to be replaced. Before the roof is replaced it will need to be discarded of the damaged pieces of the roof.

Garage Fire Damage Covered in Soot

Fires not only causes structural damage, they also cause damage from soot. The soot can stain and is very easily spread to other contents. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio not only provides wipe downs, they can do content pack outs and clean most of your soot damaged items.

Fire Damage in San Antonio, Texas

This home in San Antonio, Texas was affected by a fire. A fire can cause many problems; soot, structure damage, melted plastics, toxic waste, even water and mold damage. It is important to pull all areas that have been affected by fire. Often times a fire will leave a smell that you cannot get rid of unless the affected area is removed. It is important to have a professional look at your fire damaged home or business.

Window Fire Damage in San Antonio, Texas

This was a house fire in San Antonio, Texas. This room was damaged because the roof and ceiling were on fire and fell down to the window. SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio is able to help you with you fire damage clean up.