Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Cooking Up A Remedy For A BBQ Catastrophe!

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What Happens When There's Smoke, But No Fire In The Fireplace?

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Garage Fire With Bad Smoke Smell in Bexar County

Wiring in a garage ceiling caught on fire at a home in Bexar County. The Garage had filled with smoke causing a terrible smell. The initial location where the f... READ MORE

Soot Damage inside of Ceiling

This home had a fire in the attic. Fire damages also means soot and smoke damage, which can permanently stain and make an area smell if not treated properly. Th... READ MORE

Fire Caused Water Damage in San Antonio, Texas

This home owner had a fire in their home in San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately often times with fire damage comes water damage. The fire department douses the fi... READ MORE

Home Fire in Kitchen Ceiling

This home in San Antonio, Texas had a fire in the kitchen ceiling. The fire was actually caused by electrical wiring from lighting that was installed in the kit... READ MORE