What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

Very attentive and responsive from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Rodney and Eddie arrived on time and didn't waste any time getting to work. Courteous, professional and very thorough! Highly recommend if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of requiring mold remediation. These guys make too easy.

Eddie was very professional with everything, along with Reggie, Isaac, Raul, and Danny. Thanks to All of them my house has no mold.

My neighbor suggested I call you. We had some dark looking spots behind where our old shower was. SERVPRO came out and sprayed the area and scrubbed with wire brushes. The growth was gone and has not returned! Thank you!!!!!

I called you all to come to my mothers house to look under the kitchen cabinets after an ongoing water leak. We had a terrible mold smell. The team set up air scrubbers and sprayed the area. I am so grateful for the services provided. I was unable to step foot in the house before the work was done. A job well done!

We had a water damage two years ago in our upstairs bathroom. We thought we had dried the area out well, turns out there was moisture trapped under the sink wall that we did not know about at the time. After two years we have started to notice a really bad odor coming from the area. The team at SERVPRO was able to detect the problem and treat the area with antimicrobial treatment and air scrubbers. I was very impressed to see the issue completely resolved.

My wife is pregnant and we have two twin boys that are two-years-old. We noticed what we thought might be mold in our upstairs bathroom With my wife having a high risk pregnancy and two toddlers in the house we did not want to risk any chances of mold causing sickness. We called SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio right away and now our mold is gone!

After finding mold in our bathroom we decided to give SERVPRO a call to come take a look. They were very comforting and gave me a relief in knowing that my problem was very common in bathrooms. Thank you so much for taking care of me and my family!

This is a very honest and professional company. They go way out of their way to make things right. 
I highly recommend SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio!