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What’s Scarier Than Halloween? The Looming Holiday Countdown!

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

With less than 100 days left in this year, the thought of inviting guests into a “less-than-visitor-ready” home can be scary! Believe it or not, the holiday season countdown in ON! And the prospect of inviting guests into your “not-quite-POST-pandemic” home can be a SCARY!

As inflatable spooks, illuminated goblins, and pumpkins all aglow dot the landscape – combined with the almost non-stop advertisements for assorted haunted attractions – we can easily succumb to the “Scary Season.” However, if you want to hear something REALLY frightening, check this out: As of today (Oct. 5th) we are 50 DAYS away from Thanksgiving80 DAYS until Christmas87 DAYS remaining in 2021…and 130 DAYS to Super Bowl Sunday (which just happens to be the day before Valentine’s Day). Talk about some scary stuff!

This dose of reality brings may bring some extra “entertaining angst” since these could be the first gatherings in your home for two years, in many cases. Think about it, the last time you might have gathered for Thanksgiving was 2019. And how old were your kiddos when they got to go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, school or community event? Of course, there’s the now-infamous celebration welcoming 2020…little did we know! And forget those romantic dinners out or getaways for Valentine’s Day since 2020 when lockdowns had begun to loom large worldwide.

No pressure or anything, but is your home “holiday-ready” for guests who haven’t seen your pandemic cocoon for years? Then there could be lingering additional concerns for not just “clean” but also sanitizing your lockdown environment, so you can confidently welcome visitors for those parties, celebrations, gatherings of friends and family, and anyone else who may want to join the holiday fun.

Hey, we’re just as panicked as you are! We understand the added pressures and stress the holidays, in general, can bring – and the first “big” ones for possibly two years could send your blood pressure and adrenaline soaring faster than an army of the Walking Dead! Fortunately, we have the easiest way to check that whole “safe and clean house” thing off your pre-holiday countdown.

That’s right…the trained specialists at SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio. Yes, we do the “big” mitigation, remediation and restoration after major disasters. But, we ALSO do top-to-bottom cleaning, bio-hazard sanitizing and even can clean your AIR! And we do it all with environmentally safe and EPA-certified compounds – clean AND green.

SERVPRO actually takes pride in our chemists' and engineers' research and development of environmentally-friendly products. Literally, from top-to-bottom, we cover the full spectrum of cleaning agents...while keeping it "green":

  • Carpet & Upholstery Green Clean: A biodegradable cleaner, that's pH neutral, it has no phosphates, dyes, fragrances, or solvents.
  • All Surface Green Clean: This cleaning agent is non-toxic, as well as phosphate-free, dye and fragrance-free. Plus, its biodegradable composition allows it to break down quickly.
  • Window Green Clean: A volatile organic compound compliant rapidly biodegrades, and is used premixed with soft water; it doesn’t leave spots or streaking on glass.

Even when dealing with the high levels of contamination in "black water" we still lead the field in both effectiveness AND environmental responsibility, with our exclusive SERVPROXIDE. A hospital-grade disinfectant, SERVPROXIDE is EPA-registered – with the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating! It consists of a stabilized chlorine dioxide-based agent and potent antimicrobial, yet leaves no strong odors and dissipates quickly, making it perfect for use around those who are sensitive to smells.

We proudly participate in the EPA’s Design for Environment (EPA/DFE) Initiative, with these products created exclusively for SERVPRO, and their use is only available through our trained SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio technicians. So while many might associate a “Frankenstein Green” with this time of year, you can turn everyone “pea-green” with envy when you leave the scary tasks of cleaning and sanitizing your space for this year’s holiday gatherings countdown, to the “Clean Green SERVPRO Team!”

You Can “Breathe Easy”…By Keeping Your Air “In The Pink!”

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

Duct cleaning is one of the most overlooked maintenance items; image of orange rubber gloves. We think about “dusting & cleaning” other parts of our space…but what about the ducts that carry the air you BREATHE?!?

Let’s face it, given the current climate, we have all become acutely aware of “cleanliness”…whether it’s in our homes, offices, schools and retail spaces. So we douse everything in hand sanitizer, meticulously spray and wipe every surface we may come into contact with, and steam clean masks and outerwear. BUT – have you thought about the quality of the air you breathe every day?!?

Try thinking about that for a minute. Kinda makes it hard to “breathe easy,” right? RELAX! A professional air duct cleaning is just the prescription you need. It’s ironic how much care we take with cleaning other things in our life, yet we don’t give a second thought to the dust, allergens, spores and pet dander in the air we literally blast into every corner of our lives.

You’ve seen what your filters look like after you do your regular changes. Now, imagine all those microscopic particles that STILL lurk in your ductwork. Air blowing tends to run in a fairly focused path through those ducts…leaving the corners, crevices and sharp twists virtually untouched, where all sorts of “interesting” things can dig in. YIKES!!!

It reminds us of all those pink “healthy” versus grey “dirty” lung pictures we’ve seen over the years. And, if you think about it, your air ducts are the pulmonary system of every interior (and, here in Texas, some exterior) space in our lives. And considering EVERYTHING in our air, that’s a lot to ask one little filter to handle!

So in the spirit of “thinking pink” this October, WE want to help keep you “breathing easy” and your air “in the pink!” For the entire month, SERVPRO of Northwest San Antonio is offering 15% OFF air duct cleanings…PLUS a donation to the local Susan G. Komen Foundation of $20 per residential and $50 per commercial job for the entire month October.

If you need even more of a “win-win” scenario, consider this. With our negative pressure professional vacuum process, coupled with specially-designed “scrub brushes” to completely scour the interior of ductwork and dislodge all those lurking contaminants, you EXTEND the life of your HVAC system AND save money on monthly bills due to increased unit efficiency!

Not only do you benefit, but doing something to enhance the quality of your health ALSO benefits the health and well-being of those facing the diagnosis and aftermath of breast cancer. We want to genuinely put the “pink” into #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth…with healthy air, healthy lives, healthier and happier communities.

Honestly, we can’t think of a better way “think pink” in October…while making sure a LOT of people can “breathe easy” – not just this month, but all year long!